Are you a XL or a LXXVIII person?

Yes indeed… This is the time of the year when the awards-sports-champioships session begins, and as the title describes it, the Super Bowl XL and the 78th Oscar are right across the corner…

As a football fan, I am eagerly awaiting the XL version of the Super Bowl promises a good match between two of the more prolific teams this year in the NFL… I got a hunch that the Steelers may win this one but I will cheer for the Seahawks, let see who has the edge…

I got mixed emotions regarding the Oscar: most of the pictures nominated for the Best Picture category, are not released in Mexico yet so I really don’t have a favorite (however, I just submitted my favorites in another blog)… I would like to see Munich this weekend and see if this one is in the range of Schindler’s List (I know these two are not theme-related if you may, but I would like to see Steven Spielberg excell himself)…



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