Memoirs of a Geisha…

As I wrote in one posting in another blog (from work, sorry), the new movies here in Mexico are not that new in other parts of the globe…

This weekend I went to see an awesome movie called Memoirs of a geisha and it was real fun to watch…

The story, ambience, photography but specially the acting and the music (via John Williams)…

A beatiful quote (taken from the IMDb site): “Mameha: [in voiceover] Remember, Chiyo, geisha are not courtesans. And we are not wives. We sell our skills, not our bodies. We create another secret world, a place only of beauty. The very word “geisha” means artist and to be a geisha is to be judged as a moving work of art.”

One word: wow!

P.S.: I’m still waiting to see Munich…


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  1. Thanks for your great post i am doing a study on this and you really helped me out here



  2. You’re very welcome to come back any time!

    Glad to be of some help! 🙂

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