Grammied impressions

Yikes! What kind of title is that?..

Anyway, yesterday I was making a much needed backup on my laptop files and since my CD burner take its time to crunch the bytes in the CD and does not let me do anything else with my laptop, I was in the mood for some quality TV…

I enter the zap mode and did find the Grammys show when it was begining, so here are my impressions of my fvorites performances:

  • Gorillaz + Madonna: how cool was that?
  • U2: I didn’t liked the first song but One was something else!
  • Coldplay: These guys are the very best, the interaction with the audience was awesome!
  • Kelly Clarkson: Hmmm… I have mixed emotions about this girl, her singing is great but her thank you performance… I had to grab my sick bag (twice)! 😥
  • Paul Mc Cartney: Old reliable Rock & Roll! It is a fine line! Oh, and the drummer from the band that played with him, how fun was that guy!
  • Linkin’ Park + Jay-Z: The first ones one of my favorites bands and this album is one of my favorites too!
  • Linkin’ Park + Jay-Z + PM: One word: WOW! 😀
  • Christina Aguilera: Even though I don’t like her songs, her voice is something out of this world… That girl can sing!

The complete winners list in the Grammys Site.


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