Love, rumors, penguins and other birds…

This weekend I tried to catch up with my movie list and I could not say I did a great job… First, I went to see Rumor has it wih my wife and as I told in another post, one of the last phases resumed one of the most important things is my life an how I see it love:

(Jennifer Aniston as Sara): I am not going to tell you that I couldn’t live without you because I can…

(Mark Ruffalo as Jeff) Staring silently at her

(Sara): I will live with you because I want to!

There. Love is more than a feeling, feelings pass with time… Love is a decision

Then, yesterday after our ration of Torino Winter Olympic Games, we went out to see the March of the Penguins… I loved the movie but I hated the WaltDisney-esque way to direct a documentary with “talking” penguins… Man, I wanted desperately to become a seal and eat all of them!

The photography is great and the sounds (every one of them) are even greater!

Still waiting to see Munich, though…


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