Star Wars vs The Lord of the Rings…

What happens when Star Wars collides with the Lord of the Rings?

See the results in the Star Lords (30 something MB .mov file, be patient). It gets a little silly in the middle but it is funny!

Get funky! 😛


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  1. its oveyous star wars would win

  2. star wars is the best

  3. LOTR sucks my asshole inside and out. I hate that gay ass ending in ROTK, it made me leave the room. Unless you love the books and have an appreciation for the LOTR world, you will just find this movie 1) Long as hell 2) Gay ass hobbits 3) Lots of walking to a cave
    Now Star Wars is so raw and human, it showed us how power can corrupt, how our fears can get the better of us leading to horror, but we forgive and we come back -that was all in Star Wars.

  4. That guy you wich oyu were

    your stupid, showed us power can corrupt…..lord of the rings did that too, thats practically the entire theme, and then second one is worded pretty badly but i know what you mean. Again lord of the rings conves the same thing. Also alot more raw and human. real characteristics are shown in the theme conveyed by the characters like the ultimate bonds in freindship and how nothing can break it or the dangers in trust and loyalty. I just think you cant judge movies very well Seeing as you proll still live in your moms basement.

  5. Star Wars are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ok, star wars is the best… no question… and about what u said about the bonds of friendship never being broken, ok, let me explain something… if you break up your friendship because of bread, then i don’t think that’s not an ultimate bond, now, they may be friends, but not very good friends obviously. Now, let me stress the issue of the movie length. WAY too much walking, i mean, was the cave scene in the first movie necessary? Sure, it was good, but it practically took up the entire movie, and all they did was fight a Balroc(i believe that was the name) screw him, a rancor could eat his ass for breakfast! and, all this fighting for a ring? i mean, that’s gay enough as it is, fighting over jewelry, now ,i can see WOMEN doing this, but not men. though, hobbits aren’t exactly men now are they? i mean, they’re hobbits, and their gay, so, lol point proven. i agree with clerks II, they should’ve ended it on the logical closure point. I agree with joseph and eddie… sorry friend, your out numbered. And one last thing… consider it a P.S. but i have to restate the walking thing, they could’ve cut out soooo many parts in those movies, hell, if all they needed to do was drop a cheesy piece of jewelry into a volcano, why didn’t they just get a damn eagle to fly gandolf up there and tell his ass to drop it in?

  7. Starwars sucks hard

  8. The lor of the rings is the best movie, and the bboks were written first than star wars, so the original history is th lor of the rings.

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