If you knew and remember some experiences will define how you will leave you life, how different it will be.

I read the Perfume when I was in high school and it impacted me very deeply. It gave a different perspective on how I was using my senses until that day and how I should use them from now on.

I know that Grenoullie thrived for the latest prize: to capture the escence of a human being and succeeded, but the costs were very high. He even paid with his own life (in a very crude/romantic way).

Last Saturday I went to watch the Tom Twyker’s vision of the phenomenal novel by Patrick Süskind and I was not dissapointed: I really enjoyed the movie!

I now even know how my older sister LOVES her career and her job!

But don’t take my word on this… Go watch it… Then comment below! 😉


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