Today I learned another lesson in something that is somehow scarce today: patience.

After trying to see what’s going on with Twitter (too much people playing with the API, perhaps) I said: Oh well and stop minding about it… It is 9:30 p.m. and still some of my contacts are suffering with the different instances of the API…

Then I get with the wife to the school and the internet conection is moving slower than a snail…

After “bothering” the support (I am being sarcastic here) and telling me: “Well Macs behave like that” (communication protocols anyone?) or the infamous: “it is due to the hour, the network is overcrowded”, I proceeded to my place and wonder: “If it’s connecting to the network why is still too slow?” and voilá an ephiphany: “Didn’t the guys from the ISP put some DNS address to this machine?”

I went to the system preferences, then to the net configuration and press delete for a while…

… and abolute success, the network is behaving as it should…

Now… What I was trying to do?


About jcesarmo

A bit crazy, sarcastic, eloquent Mexican

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