Popcorn movies…

I think, and in the back of my mind I know, that the title is probably not original but I use it to define some movies I watch… These movies are the ones that would never won an Oscar (what is an Oscar, anyway?) but entertain you… That’s all movies are all about, right?

So, after this tinny lecture, back to business.

I went to see two movies that fall, at least to me, in this category: Breach and Next.

The first one a thriller involving the FBI and a non descriptive agent. It provided me fun in too many levels: the conflict between duty and family, truth and facade, duty and faith, which in the end, proved the fatal blow to the fallen agent.

It is a good movie, fun and will keep you wondering why, but as one of the last statements: “the why doesn’t matter in the end”.

In Next,  Cage sells us the following premise: what would you do if you can see your own future ahead?

Action driven movie with a series of gags linked to the above premise, the best when he knows Biel’s character for the first(?) time…

A semi end that will surprise everyone…

Two entertaining movies to watch, indeed.


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