Change… Anybody?

First a “disclaimer”: I read something through the internet “tubes” that made me think about how we thing that people will change in time and then we realize they don’t. Realizing this, can help us avoid waisting time and making false expectations…

Yep, people don’t change.

As hard as it can be, people is get use to behave as they are, and if someone wants to change any tinny little aspect about it, we rebel as hard as we can… We’re defending, consciously or unconsciously, our true selfs from an “invasion”. That’s why we can’t change.

It takes a lot of courage, conscious effort and some stubbornness to accomplish this by ourselves, let alone if someone even hints we should change…

The other side of the story is the person that is waiting us to change. They can be really frustrated waiting for the change that will never happen.

But one question comes to my kind every time I see this behavior: Are you sure you want to be with me if you want me to change anything?

Because this is who I am, the whole enchilada, no more no less… If you want the light version of the enchilada, why bother?

Food for thought, indeed… (no pun intended)


About jcesarmo

A bit crazy, sarcastic, eloquent Mexican

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