Off to N.J.: the flight…

We left in the arrival to the gate… Before they change it to the last one in the terminal!

If you happen to travel with my wife and me you will notice that we usually don’t bring almost anything to the cabin, everything is checked out and stored in the plane belly…

But carrying the camera, book, a shoulder bag and a huge Giants jacket, do not help you at all!

Well, we arrived… A flight to Cuba was boarding at the moment…

After waiting for more than 20minutes, we started boarding… Being on the first rows of business class put us into the last group to board.

As we arrived to the actual gate door, we were searched (again) and asked a few routine questions… My wife left me carry her messenger bag and inside she left a bottle of her perfume which draw certain looks from the people doing the revisions… I explained what were the contest of the bottle (they even read the tags on it) and voilá! Onto the plane.

After finding the seat row we accommodate ourselves and proceed to taxiing procedures…

An off we went… We flew by Continental,  so we had a complimentary breakfast/lunch/meal/wtf is this? watching License to Wed where Josh Flitter (the choir boy) acts as Robbin Williams second in command and we met him in person (to follow in another post) and The  Transformers, we arrived to Newark airport.

After getting off the plane we went to the customs lines…

After criticizing some guys from Argentina (?) who were trying to get ahead of us, I recognized a guy that was two rows to the right from ours. After a short exchange of waving hands (he was with his family and already with a customs agent), they part to get their luggage…

After being questioned, finger tip scanned and photographed, we went for our bags, praying to get all our bags.

After getting our three bags (we have an impeccable record when  traveling together) we went to find my brother in law… More to come…


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