As probably a lot of people know, tomorrow the Patriots go to play the Giants in prosecution of a perfect season. My favorite are the New England ones…

I’ll wake up late, right know is around 10:45 p.m and I don’t have any intention to go to sleep soon…

In the background I can hear some music from a party… Did they just played the theme from Star Trek? What is that DJ drinking? (How nerd am I?)..

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll probably take a loo at some courses that I have to take and probably would work in THAT presentation… But it will be Sunday… Ah…

I just had two slices of bread with a mix of peanut butter with blue berry marmalade, really yummy…

Sincerely, I am tired. But tomorrow is another day… A brand new day with a lot of posibilities!

P.S. I you have the chance go watch The Bucket List, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman… Need I say more?


About jcesarmo

A bit crazy, sarcastic, eloquent Mexican

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