Farewell, Grandma!

Two weeks ago, I received a call from my mother telling me that my grandmother (the mother of my father) suffered an aneurysm and she was in a very critical condition.

My father and her traveled to Durango (a city in the state of Durango, Mexico) and were trying to see what they can do to improve my grandma chances to survive.

My aunts were already there (they live in the city) and my uncle (which lives in Mexicali) arrived later…

But life (or whatever you may call it) has another plans.

After struggling a week, her heart stopped and she died on February 9, 2008 at 91 years old.

I met my grandma when I was very little (4 years old or more). The four of us (we were four back then), traveled the 12 hours to Durango from Mexico City by bus. The high note of the trip was that my sister as soon as the sun raised started crying… We made a lot of friends in that bus!..

The first thing I remember about her was her hairdo. She wear her hair in a way that evidenced her background and beliefs. Most of her life (67 years), she worked as an elementary school teacher, usually working with the younger alumnus. She attended Baptist church in those years and Pentecostal and Methodist ones in her later years.

She was a very strong woman , both physically and mentally, which help her rise 4 children practically by herself.

She also loved animals. since I can remember she had a plethora of dogs, cats, birds, bees (yes, BEES!)

Due to this mix of facets, my grandma was well know and loved by a lot of people.

Alumni, people she knew all her life, members of the different churches she attended and most of her family composed by her children, grandchildren and their children, are going to miss her.

Farewell, grandma Nohemi!


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your grandma. May she rest in peace!

  2. Thanks, she will be missed…

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