I haven’t wrote in these pages lately due to lack of time and will. Also, because I have too many things in my mind. And because three different events happened, and they will shape the rest of the lives of the people involved.

First, last Sunday I received a call to my cell telling me that something terrible happened: my brother in law was dead. Plain and (not that) simple. And that my younger sister was nowhere to be found.

A year ago (or so), their parents received a call where they were told that he was kidnapped. After several hours of struggle and pain, they realized that the call was a terrible prank and that he was O.K.

Now it was my turn to solve the authenticity of the call. I tried to reach both my sister and him through several phone calls. After trying for a while, I made the decision to contact my parents, which at the moment were in N.J. waiting for the arrival of my second niece, M.

After doing the call to find out if they ave any other means to reach them, all hell broke loose.

The events, to painful to describe them, ended up confirming the news: L was dead.

My wife and I went to support my sister and to provide any professional and fraternal comfort that we could give.

My parents took the (rather painful) decision to come back to Mexico to support my sister and L’s family.

As in every tragic death, everybody was in shock and in disbelief.

Even as I wasn’t that close to their relation I felt his death deeply because he was not supposed to die like that.

The other thing was the complete aversion? carelessness? that I felt from somebody that shouldn’t show that…

Basically, I am in shock and I can’t comprehend such coldness.

I need to get it out from my system. And I’m working on it as I write.

Wish me luck. Farewell L will be talking later…


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  1. That’s horrible… I’m sorry to hear about it. Take care.

  2. Thanks. loosing somebody in those circumstances (or in any other way) it’s never easy…

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