Random thoughts…

Today (at least for me) is the begining of the new NFL season. Yesterday was the induction of the 2008 class to the NFL Hall of Fame. A lot of discussions were related to the people of this class in particular, who’s worth of the honor, who’s more worthy, etc.

Pointless discussions…

If you like what you do, you go and enjoy it at your fullest capacity until you can’t do it anymore. Then it’s memories of a lifetime what you have (and if you played your cards well, a huge amount of money to play with)… I know, I know: recognition is good too, but I could only imagine if everybody worked only to be recognized, there would be a bunch of people dealing with frustration.

Favre is taking hostage the Green Bay Packers organization and fans and as of this week the NFL. Man if you wanted to play one (two or three… Maybe four?) more years you should have told your team before instead of retiring and then saying: “Ooops… I want to play again.”

Man, the NFL is GOING to create the Favre clause in their contracts! You will see…

Anyway, the Beijing Summer Games (Olimpiad) is going full throtle next week… Let’s see what happens there… I’m feeling (reading and watching) some tension in the environment but let’s be patient and see…

Mexico has some opportunities for getting medals in different sports (the actual odds range from 2 to 4)… Based on some interviews the athletes made in recent weeks, the menatality of “let’s go sightseeing” is pretty much over…

Three different (4?) fantasy leagues in different sites… Will I have the time to nurture them all?

Viva la vida is cool… I know Brian Eno is behind that…

Have a great Sunday (what’s left of it)!


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