October, the “milestone” month…

Yes, several milestones were/are-going-to-be reached on this month:

1st: The wife’s birthday. I would let her tell you which one is it… Using the CYA strategy…

16th: 9th wedding anniversary. Yes, time goes that fast! Pimpin’ the love!

17th: 11th “knowing the soon to be wife” anniversary… we were so young!.. Hey!, we still are! 😀

19th: 10th anniversary working for my actual employer… Wow, has it been that long?.. Still enjoying it!

As you can see pretty much all of these milestones were life changing one at the moment they happened. I only want to thank all of you that have been part of these or contributed somehow. It has been fun!

Staring at my next milestone on November 15th and looking forward to it! 🙂

P.S. For those of you that are still wondering what the hell is the CYA satrategy, CYA stands for Cover your ass!


About jcesarmo

A bit crazy, sarcastic, eloquent Mexican

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