I posted this in my Spanish blog Epifanía (Epiphany) and I wanted my English reading audience know that there’s still people like this.

Let’s start:

“Originally I was going to post about the movie I watched with my wife today, but that can wait.

I can’t let this day finish without being grateful with two new unknnown friends. Let me explain:

As we left the movie theater and as we were making plans to dinner, we find out that my car did not start… It’s battery was dead…

I get my cables and proceed to wait if any of the 4 neighboring cars could help us jump starting it and let us go home…

A mall cop passed by mounted in a 4 wheel bike and told that he can help me, the battery of those things is small enough to be fried by the jump starting procedure…

Later, the family that owned the van infront of my car arrived. As I was asking the father to help me, he responded nervously: “This vans are very fragile and it could brake the internal computer…” I thank him as amicable as I could be…

My wife got of the car, as saying to our possible rescuers: 2my husband is not some kind of pervert, we really have a broken car…” But nobody was availabel to help us…

Then, a very young couple arrived driving a Pontiac G3 and looked our way… The girl just asked: “Do you need our help?” and yours truly faster than the Millenium Flacon doing the Kessel run, answered: “Yes, we do…”

after this, they parked, we connected the batteries and I started my car.

I never think that something like this happen. This is the first time in my adult life that somebody helped me without any interest. And coming from a young couple, gave me hope in the future of this country. This experience was awesome…

I did not have the chance to ask their names, jus to thank them profussely.

To my new unknown freinds: Thanks a lot!

You really made my week.

P.S. And yes, I’m a SW fan.”

That’s it. And I’m still amazed!


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A bit crazy, sarcastic, eloquent Mexican

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