I waited the whole week to write this, once my head is cool and everything, but I can’t avoid feeling like crap when I remember this again.

On Monday, due to Martin Luther King Jr’s anniversary, I had a day off that we (my wife and I ) wanted to enjoy with this person (I’m not going to mention who that was since I don’t want to)…

Anyway, one day earlier, she called my wife and used sentimental blackmail to do something that she wanted to do and upset my wife… Obviously, we cancelled our plans and felt like crap the following day…

On Thursday we found out the this person did what she treathened to do, without asking my wife permission simply because “she can”…

I don’t like (to say the least) the people that uses feelings to do whatever they want even if the person they do that somehow needs it…

There is something called respect, you know?


About jcesarmo

A bit crazy, sarcastic, eloquent Mexican

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