So the story begins…

Almost a week ago, I embarked in a new adventure: to support for the company I work, a project in my area of knowledge.

This adventure will send me across three continents to a country I didn’t now nothing at all (well, with exception of its location).

Friday (04.03.09)

So, Friday, April 3rd arrived and 5 P.M. too so I took a cab to the airport for my 19:40 flight.

In Mexico City, if you’re traveling abroad, you have to be in the airport at least 3 hours before your actual take off hour to avoid any inconvenience.

The cab arrived to my house, I say goodbye to my wife and put my luggage in the cab.

The driver was very friendly and made my trip uneventful and enjoyable. We ran into some traffic (it was Friday, after a pay day and the beginning of a huge holiday in Mexico) but we made it in an hour.

I went to the airline counter and the usual suspects were there: the classic teenager giving her mom a hard time about the weight of her luggage and its distribution (there was a limit of 25 kg a piece), the ill tempered husband giving his wife a hard time about EVERYTHING and the family of 7 (?) doing last minute arrangements…

I lasted less than five minutes in the counter, getting my boarding passes and everything… I proceed to pass the security check, where the guys in there were checking, yes, but a pair of girls that were in THE OTHER SIDE of the security check… No further comments…

I arrived at my gate and suddenly I felt in Germany: in the gate besides mine, there was a Luftansa flight waiting to board…

The boarding in my flight started after an hour (on time) and I get to my seat (very comfortable, indeed… Two seats and I had the aisle one, woohoo!)

So Heathrow airport here we go!

Not so fast, you naive man!

it seems like for some reason, the turbines of a 747 couldn’t be started by the common method (I totally ignore it) due to Mexico City’s altitude and should be started using an alternative method (that’s the actual reason the captain gave us, I’m not kidding… Even cars now deal with altitude differences)…  Should I get down and push? (extra point to the ones who know the movie where this line is brought up).

Anyway, near 30 minutes later all the turbines are up an running and we can take off… But since we delayed we have to take a number… Finally, we took off. It’s fascinating how a enormous thing like a 747 can lift off so smoothly… Wow!

I watched Yes Man while dinning and after that I doze off…

Saturday (04.04.09)

Around 11 a.m., London time, they woke us up to serve us breakfast… I watched a chapter of  “The big bang theory” and got ready to landing…

We circled London and had the chance to see the Parlament and its tower and some two floors buses…1:30 p.m.

Heathrow airport

Heathrow airport

We were sent to pass some gates and I was sent to Gate 5 to wait for my 9:15 p.m. flight to Johannesburg…

The first thing I did was buying a calling card, but those things have more instructions than a plane so I spent it all trying to call home with no success…

After wandering a little I found a place where some internet cards were sold and through its magic I could call home and tell the news.

Solving that, I roamed the mall, excuse me, the Terminal 5 and went to grab something to eat…

Roaming Heathrow

Roaming Heathrow

And that’s when I found out: I will need a converter (which I did not have) to connect my laptop and charge it… And in the airport the UK ones were sold but (and this is a big but) in South Africa it’s a different plug!!!!

So, to the hell with it! I will buy one when I arrive…

More roaming and finally, time to board my ‘Burg flight…

On my way to the gate, I have to had a proof that I had been in Heathrow so I went and got my proof (and you know what is my proof since you asked for it)…

To follow: Now to South Africa…


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