Julio Cesar was born one fine day of the year 1969.

He was born in a country within the beatiful country named Mexico and he lives there…

He works in one of the most big IT companies in the world doing chores in the area of software metrics…

He loves buying/reading books (most type of), listening to/buying music (damn you Apple Store for not accepting orders from Mexico!), watching/buying/dreaming movies, cold weather (snow makes him crazy!), animals (except some type of bugs) and, (oh!) Star Wars(TM) (He’s not a hard-core fan, just a fan, as his wife can testify)…

So, through this combination of events and tastes, resulted a very un-usual human being, which is well known for his sarcastic comments…

  1. I bet thebugs zou don’t like are the software bugs, don’t you?

    Do you work with SPEC 2000, SPEC 2006 and that stuff? It would be interesting if zou could post something regarding this topic.

    Best regards from Germany,


  2. Hmmm. Not really. I work in the software metrics area (e.g. Function Points)…

  3. Just read your “200 things to before you die’ and loved it…. 🙂

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