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The Newsroom

If you want to see an intelligent, thought driven and all the drama of a news network, go watch The Newsroom.

Its second season ended a while ago but it is impressive!

You will love the way Aaron Sorkind produces this one…



I’ve been following this BBC series from the beginning, and today I had the chance to watch the first two episodes of series three.

There are not enough words to start describing the amusement you will get from them.

So, if you have a chance, and a little free time, go watch it!

Trailers reloaded…

I just discovered that Apple revamped it’s trailers site (it may seems the same but it is not) and it’s very appealing to the sight.

Take a look at the new “Arnie” trailer, you will enjoy it!

I’m not…

One of the best pieces of dialog in a movie (to be premiered yet) is from Bottle Shock (Unclaimed Freight, 2008). It involves Bill Pullman and Alan Rickman:

B. P.: ‘Why I don’t like you?’

A. R.: ‘Because you think I’m an ass… And I am not, really. I’m just British and… Well, you are not…

Hilarious! 🙂

Fish out of water…

As I go to my mental “to do” list, I can see things that are attainable and things that aren’t, the trick is to know where to invest the energy left after the daily job.

What to do, what to do…

In one of my social networks, there was an event that I really liked. The objective is to post more than ten pictures of common objects and tell what object is in the Picture. The challenge is that the picture won’t show the entire object but only a portion of it or if it’s shown completely, photographed in a angle that don’t give it up at first sight.

I guessed two of the objects (out of twelve) but I was beaten by seconds by another colleague in one…

Hmm… My “still yet to born” niece is coming! Her due date is in June – July… I can only guess that my mother is already bitting her nails!.. By the way, her code name is “M”… Auntie and uncle (read my wife and me) enrolled in a name guessing game as with my first niece… With not much success, may I add 😛 …

Anyway, I know she’s going to be a blessing to the family in the same way as “G” is… She’s so smart!

This week Iron Man hits the movie theatres! (wake up people, keep with the pace!), and as the nerd that I am, surely I will go to watch it… In several pages around the tubes, there are a bunch of preview videos and one of the most impressing is the one showing Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) getting into “the suit”. Great visual and special effects! (Are they still called special? Or just visual? I wonder…)

So, this is it for today folks!

P.S. I f you’re fans of Coldplay go to their website and download (click on “Song”) their new single from the “¡Viva la vida! or Death and his friends” (which is 100% irony) before it hits the stores!

Popcorn movies…

I think, and in the back of my mind I know, that the title is probably not original but I use it to define some movies I watch… These movies are the ones that would never won an Oscar (what is an Oscar, anyway?) but entertain you… That’s all movies are all about, right?

So, after this tinny lecture, back to business.

I went to see two movies that fall, at least to me, in this category: Breach and Next.

The first one a thriller involving the FBI and a non descriptive agent. It provided me fun in too many levels: the conflict between duty and family, truth and facade, duty and faith, which in the end, proved the fatal blow to the fallen agent.

It is a good movie, fun and will keep you wondering why, but as one of the last statements: “the why doesn’t matter in the end”.

In Next,  Cage sells us the following premise: what would you do if you can see your own future ahead?

Action driven movie with a series of gags linked to the above premise, the best when he knows Biel’s character for the first(?) time…

A semi end that will surprise everyone…

Two entertaining movies to watch, indeed.

Mr. Brooks

Go. Watch. It.

This is one of those pictures that left me wanting more.

I did not feel the time passing by (more, more!)

I enjoyed it and felt compelled by the many folds in Mr. Brooks life: business man, husband, father,cold-bloded assasin, victim, crazynut.

Costner is great as Mr. Brooks, William Hurt as Marshall is GREAT!, Moore is so-so, Dane Cook is… well Dane Cook… Helgenberger is fine…

Anyway, I don’t want to spoil it for you… Enjoy it, more to come…

More SW paraphernalia!

Just genius!


The picture was removed from the site…. sorry…

SW beyond the movies?

Something I found in YouTube…

It seems like an a “What if” exercise of the things to come… Already drooling…

Do you recognized the red eyed guy? I did!

Happy 30th Birthday SW!

Yep, about 30 years ago this adventure startled the world and give us the semi-fans, fans and hard-core fans a reason to gather!

Congratulations to everybody who like this saga!

And to get some comments, I leave you with a cartoon from

SW 30th anniversary

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