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And here we go again!

The human mind is so interesting and complex.

It would be fun to know how people is going to react in certain scenarios.

In the meantime, I’m going to cope and listen…


It’s so easy…

…To make someone happy.

Yesterday, I had the chance to live some events that made me very happy and some that were sad.

The happy ones were related to changes in the relation with the people around me, to get a more mature relation and made some “come to age” rituals.

A less important one but also happy event had to do with the service a well mannered and trained individual can provide to get my business in the future. Well done and me and my wife will appreciate it!

The sad ones had to do with the realization of the changes in other relations… And if those relationships include your parents, it’s sadder.

Anyway, at the end of the day, the balance was positive and I had the time of my life.


I just have to love the last part of the year.

On the company I work for, the arrival of autumn means that we have to brace and be prepared for a plethora of projects.

And that’s good. But tiring. And stressing.

But at the same time, keeps us alert and sharp and help us polish our skills and discover new ones.

Fun, fun, fun.

Closing time…

Funny how things happen.

A little poking here and there, and suddenly change happens.

And I’m not referring to the change that started on January 20th in the U.S. but the change I was talking about in my previous postings.

Yes, as part of the five years cycles that I was talking about, I discovered that I was moving to a new project.

And I’m happy about it since it is going to provide change not only to me but to other people as well.

There is going to be opportunity to grow, to get to know new people and to learn new things.

However, it is also sad…


Because, I’m moving from one of the great projects that I had the chance to participate in, I won’t be talking to G and K and punching FPs around and agreeing upon new conventions and processes, having our Wednesday meetings and talking about different issues.

Nevertheless, I know were going to be in touch and share other moments, other experiences.

As I was trying to figure out how to say farewell, I remembered a song and I went and ask my twitter  friends (thanks SS, M and ET) who sang that song… I only remembered that it talked about encounters and dis encounters, about finding friends…

So, as in the song from Semisonic with the same name as the title of this post, let me post this quote from its lyrics that reflects what I’m going trough:

Closing time
Time for you to go out to the places you will be from
Closing time
This room won’t be open till your brothers or your sisters come
So gather up your jackets, move it to the exits
I hope you have found a friend
Closing time
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Thanks, for giving me the chance to be part of this. You have a special place in my life. See you around! 🙂

P.S. The video for Closing time by Semisonic is here (via YouTube):


As in my previous post, there are some things cooking and I’m waiting impaciently to see what is the final result.

As I get additional information, I will post it here. In the meantime, I’m maintaining the status quo.

Have a good one.

5 years equals change(?)

Hi, welcome back.

I have the tendency of noting patterns in things, people and the sort… Not in a la A beautiful mind style but in a way they are noticeable for me…

So, in my own life things tend to change every 5 years and based on recent news and events, a change may be developing.

I know I can’t control all the things that may led me to that change but some of my actions do, so…

Wish me good luck. Let’s see if this happens.

Have a good one!


Of the opportunities life has given me.

The opportunity of having  spent some time with my sister N and her family: M, G and M. That was quality vs. quantity explained without words.

The opportunity of knowing my littlest nice, M. She’s beatiful and has a don de gente that can blow you away by just looking at her. And she’s only six months old!

One of the great things about them, is that even if some time passed by since the last time we had the chance to get together (a year or so), we can pick up the relation right where we left it…

Good times those we passed together!

Thanks N, M, G and M… We’ll miss you! See you in…

Here the story ends…

… At least for 2008, it does.

What a year!

The good, the bad, the really bad and the worst…

Meeting new friends, regaining friends and losing some…

But in the end, what I learn from all those moments in every day in 2008 are here, inside of me, defining the man I will be tomorrow.

For that, I’m thankful!

Get ready for 2009! Cheers and joy to you all!


Yes, I know that Thanksgiving was almost a month ago and that is a US holiday, but one should be thankful for the good, and bad, things in life.

This year several friends and family members passed away… Curiously most of them in the first half of the year…

In the seconf half of the year I had the chance to know and reconnect with a handfull of people that are becoming great friends…

I’ve enjoyed this year with its ups and downs.

Thanks for the ride,  all!



I just came back to work after having some days off and it was strange in many ways:

– I went through a pile of emails (around 300, I will make some so pissed! Just kidding!), all work related and important. Let’s say that I have to act on 75% of them, so it was pretty rough…

– Then, I had a meeting with my customer (client?) and had a great feedback regarding the work my team and I are doing…

– Later, I read some interesting postings in a group I’m part of and had the laugh of the day (and probably of the year!)

– Now, I’m catching up with other things that I neglected while I was off line…

In case you care (how dramatic is that?)

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