And here we go again!

The human mind is so interesting and complex.

It would be fun to know how people is going to react in certain scenarios.

In the meantime, I’m going to cope and listen…



Having some rough days…

But the show must go on until the fat lady sings.

Running away from concert halls and the sort.  🙂

The reality…

“Just an Earth bound misfit, I…”

“Condition grounded, but determined to try.”

Two sentences that define, in a twisted but clear way, my reality and my vision about life.

And yes, both can be found as part of the lyrics of the song Learning to fly by Pink Floyd from their album A momentary lapse of reason.

Time goes by…

The FIFA World Cup in South Africa came and went and everything is the same.

But not for the Spaniards, they are World Cup champions!

To all of you that live in that beautiful country an Olé, olé y olé!


How things happen in life.

How beautiful life is.

The smile of a little baby.

Surreal, indeed.


As I’m standing beside one of my apartment windows, I’m listening to some guy’s car stereo that’s playing the latest party hit.

As far as I can tell, the music being played is only for dancing, but this guy thinks that’s easy listening music. He can’t be so delusional…

Anyway, let’s see what other noises the air brings with it tonight.


After some events that happened recently, I can’t thank enough my parents for send me to English classes.

Thank you! Really, thank you guys!


Yes, that’s the number of this entry and as I wrote this, I’m watching in this blog’s stats that people is more concerned in making lists of things to do before dying instead of enjoying it.

I’m just saying.


Sunday afternoon

The NFL playoffs are under way, and the division games are already defined. If you want to know more about them go to the source: the NFL site.

Anyway, as mentioned in other forum, the Dallas Cowboys are making me dream again, it has been a long 13 year period since they won a playoff game and the next one is going to be against the Vikings. Go Cowboys!

Now, I’m just relaxing and catching up with the things I want to read.

Let’s see what Monday has in store.


It’s cold outside.

It’s raining since yesterday’s afternoon.

A dog is barking in the distance.

A friend is a little sad today.

Yes, these and other things are conforming winter this year.

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